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Best Emoji Keyboard Shortcuts

The advancement of smartphones over the past decade has significantly accelerated the use of emoji in online spaces. This progress has led to the creation of several emoji keyboard shortcuts specifically for personal computers. Initially, several third-party emoji keyboard creators developed emoji keyboards. However, in recent years, the main producers of smartphones and computer devices have developed their in-house emoji keyboard options. In most cases, emoji keyboard shortcuts are made simple to facilitate ease of use by users. As a result, emoji keyboard developers try to make shortcuts easy to remember. Some of the best emoji keyboard shortcuts are discussed below.

1. Apple MacBook Emoji Keyboard Shortcut

The Mac and MacBook emoji keyboard shortcut work for all Apple computers. In order to access the emoji keyboard, a user would simultaneously press command, control, and space keys on the Mac. Doing this opens up an emoji keyboard option on the screen. A user can scroll through the large library of emoji characters. Some of the emoji categories included in the Mac emoji keyboard option are frequently used emojis category, smileys and people category, animation and nature category, food and drink category, activity category, travel and pace category, object category, flag category, and more. Additionally, users can search the emoji library to find the type of emoji they are looking for.

2. Windows Emoji Keyboard Shortcut

This keyboard shortcut works for the latest Windows operation system. A user has two ways of accessing the emoji keyboard. These ways are: • Pressing the Windows and semi-colon keys together, • Pressing the Windows and period keys together. Either of these options opens the emoji keyboard option on computers with Windows operating system. The keyboard option that comes up appears similar to how the Mac emoji keyboard does. That is, users can access emojis through the emoji keyboard via categories. Also, a user can quickly search the emoji directory to find a specific emoji character.

3. iOS Emoji Keyboard Shortcut

For iOS devices – iPhones and iPads – users can quickly access the emoji keyboard by clicking on the emoji icon on the bottom of the main keyboard. Pressing this icon opens the emoji keyboard, which presents emojis in categories. The option given to a user is exactly similar to the option given on MacBooks. Also, it means users can search for emoji characters.

4. Android Emoji Keyboard Shortcut

Just like the iOS devices, the users of Android devices can access the emoji keyboard. This process is carried out by tapping on the emoji icon. Doing this opens the emoji keyboard option, which also presents emoji characters in categories. The android emoji keyboard also allows users to search specific emoji characters.

5. Conclusion

The use of emoji keyboard has come a long way over the years. Several shortcuts have been developed to provide ease for users. Across both smartphone and computer devices, emoji keyboards are quickly accessed through the many shortcuts. In most cases, users can carry out searches within the emoji keyboard to find the desired character.

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