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TOP-10 Most Popular Emojis on the Web

Emojis are a fascinating part of how we interact online. In this post, we’ll go through the top ten most popular emojis on the internet. Here 👇 are the most popular emojis on social media — we’ve provided the actual Unicode names. Still, you may be able to identify them simply by looking at them.

1. Face with Tears of Joy 😂

And the face with tears of joy has been in the top position on the web. We see a lot of laughter on social media, particularly when it comes to humorous clips, pranks, and memes.

2. Red Heart ❤️

The emoji of a red heart is a global sign of love. Of course, you could want to thank your closest friend for always being there, or you may want to show your appreciation for someone on social media, but whatever the motivation, the heart is a powerful tool for expressing love.

3. Loudly Crying Face 😭

While open mouth crying and streams of heavy tears streaming from closed eyes may sound like mourning, it is also used to describe other extreme emotions such as nonstop laughing or overwhelming delight.

4. Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes 😍

This popular emoji portrays exuberant sentiments of love, infatuation, and affection, keeping with the festive theme. However, the heart-eyes are there for all the enthusiasm. A smiling face signifies hopeful anticipation, whether it’s a new movie, a picnic, or a vacation plan.

5. Rolling on the Floor laughing 🤣

That’s LMAO’s emoji equivalent. However, people on the internet appeared to be reserved for actual amusing occasions. They found several ways to giggle - even stars, artists, and politicians joined in.

6. Face with Rolling Eyes 🙄

The rolling eyes emoji is used to convey incredulity, irritation, impatience, boredom, and contempt. Additionally, it may be used to convey sarcasm or irony. The face with rolling eyes emoji is also used to convey annoyance, disdain, or anger.

7. Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes 😌

There are several warm fuzzy sentiments, much like the emoji of a Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes. This one is often used to represent pleasure and gladness. For example, when your brother does something exceptional for you or when your friends chip in to buy you a beautiful birthday present. We’re already smiling at the prospect.

8. Distraught Face 😫

Closed eyelids, wrinkled brows, and a giant, wide grimace, as though distressed beyond endurance. People often use this emoji to show tiredness and anger. Interestingly, ladies are the primary users of this emoji. Women seemed to have been particularly irritable lately.

9. Fire 🔥

Though we wish no one used this emoji to signify an actual fire (in which case, please contact the police), this sign was famous lately. It is most often used as a colloquial term for slang words such as hot and bright.

10. Thinking Face 🤔

This emoji shows that individuals were deliberating about a variety of topics. Of course, there was plenty to consider, from the price of their beloved shoes to trying new cuisine.

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