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Emoji Dictionary Explained

Since the introduction of emojis into the online world, its use has steadily increased. Over the last decade, emojis have become even more popular. Each year, a handful of emojis are added to the database of popularly used characters. Therefore, it has become essential for users to understand what new and existing emojis means and how to make use of each effectively. An emoji dictionary is a tool that allows users to understand the function of any emoji they decide to use, which is essential as more characters are created daily. Also, it allows users to understand how emojis are popularly used within the internet and social medial spaces.

1. Definition and Use of Popular Emojis

The most used emojis generally means slightly different things to different people. Nonetheless, there is a specific intention for the creation of each type of emoji. Some of the most popular emojis are described below.

1. Smiling Emojis 😃 😄 😁

Smiling emojis are commonly used all across the world. These sets of emojis come in slightly different degrees of smiling expressions. Therefore, users can use each type of emoji to express varying degrees of happiness.

2. Laughing With Tears of Joy Emoji 😂

Since its creation, this emoji has become quite popular with social media users. In 2017, it was considered one of the most used emojis in America. The allure of using this symbol is that it offers a more interactive alternative to other forms of laughter indicators such as lol. Users that use this emoji are automatically considered funny. Therefore, it offers a great way of connecting with their audience. It is so amusing that even social media influencers have taken a liking for the laughing with tears of joy emoji.

3. Smiling Face With Squinting Eyes 😊

This emoji allows users to express a wide range of emotions. The most common form of emotion expressed by this character is the feeling of shyness or embarrassment. Also, many users use it to highlight their excitement or joy about an accomplishment.

4. Angry Face Emojis 😠😡

Angry face emojis, as the name implies, is used to express anger by users. There are two commonly used angry face emojis. The normal angry face emoji (😠)is frequently used to show anger where appropriate. The red angry face emoji (😡)is another form of angry emoji that shows a high degree of anger. The type of angry face emoji a user uses depends on what they want to achieve.

5. Two Eyes Emoji 👀

This emoji provides users an exciting way of pulling attention to information. A simple display of the eyes (👀) makes other people within internet spaces curious about what the information being conveyed.

6. Thinking Emojis 🤔🧐

The thinking emojis provide users with a way of showing deep interest in the information on the internet. The thinking face emoji (🤔)allows a user to show they are possibly trying to make a decision. The serious face with manacles (🧐)provides users the opportunity to offer an academic thought process.

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