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How to Use Emoji Keyboard Online/for PC

Emoji are traditionally used with smartphones and hand-held devices. Since emojis are mostly used on social media platforms, the use and evolution of this technology have largely been on portable mobile devices. However, the widespread acceptance of emojis has made it necessary for laptop and computer makers to find ways of allowing users to use emoji. With portable mobile devices, users can quickly access virtual emoji keyboards. However, not all devices provide users with easy to access emoji keyboards. In general, desktop users can access emoji keyboards online, virtually, or through integrated emojis on physical keyboards.

1. Accessing Emoji Keyboard Desktop/Laptops (Windows)

Generally, both desktop and laptop platforms have provided easier ways for users to access emojis. Users with Windows OS can access emojis through their devices. However, this option is only accessible to Windows 8 and Windows 10 users. The process is described as follows. • Users can right-click on the taskbar of Windows. Doing this gives them access to Toolbars. Under this option, the user would see the Touch Keyboard option. • Selecting the icon (Touch Keyboard) provides a virtual keyboard on the screen. • Within the Touch Keyboard, at its bottom, a user can access the smiley icon. • Finally, a user can key in the type of emoji of their liking.

2. Accessing Emoji Keyboard Through Google Chrome Plugin

To access the emoji keyboard through Google Chrome Plugin, a user must have the Google Chrome browser installed on their computer for it to work. Within a working Google Chrome browser, a user can follow the following steps to access emoji. • A user should search for and download the Emoji Keyboard plugin on the Google Chrome platform. • After installation, an emoji symbol will appear at the topmost part of the browser page. Clicking on it allows a user to access the set of available emojis. • Next, the user can choose the emoji they want. Once selected, this emoji can be copied on the clipboard. • Finally, a user can paste the copied emoji on the text space within the browser.

3. Accessing Emoji Keyboard Through a Website

A user can use emojis online from websites. A quick search on the internet allows a user to find a handful of sites to choose from. Once the user has accessed the website, they can follow the following steps. • The user will choose the emoji they want to use. • Once selected, a user can copy the emoji. • Finally, the user pastes the emoji on the text space for the character to appear.

4. Accessing Emoji Keyboard on a MacBook

MacBook users can access emojis in two ways. A user with the latest MacBook Pro can easily access emojis through the Touch Bar. The first step is described below. • A user will place a cursor on the text space. • A user can tap on the emoji section of the Touch Bar, which gives them access to different types of emojis. The second step is through the keyboard keys. • A user would click the control, command, and space key together. • Doing this would bring up the emoji option on the screen.

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