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Emojipedia - All You Need to Know

Emojipedia is a website, which functions as a database for referencing information about all the different types of emojis in existence. It defines and provides how an emoji is commonly used on the internet. Additionally, the website also has a blog, which publishes articles about emojis. Also, it provides updates regarding the trends concerning emojis. Emojipedia is a member of the Unicode consortium, and it is generally considered the leading website for information about emojis.

1. History of Emojipedia

Emojipedia was developed in 2013. It was founded by an Australian named Jeremy Burge. He was prompted to create this site when Apple included emojis in their 2012 iOS 6. However, Emojipedia became popular in 2014. A year after, a partnership with Apple allowed Emojipedia to provide nation flag emojis on iOS platforms. Now, the site has had over 40 million page views.

2. Emojipedia Programs

In 2015, Emojipedia created a program called Adopt an Emoji. The aim of the project was to make the website free of all types of ads. Doing this would allow the site to be in a better position to provide information without the discomfort of seeing ads. However, this program failed the year after its launch. The reason for the collapse of the program was due to user confusion regarding the money-raising process.

3. The Impact of Emojipedia

Over the past few years, images and infographics from Emojipedia have been used by a handful of comedy primetime shows in America. Additionally, the site has been involved in creating new emojis such as a lobster emoji, which was endorsed by an American senator. Although Emojipedia is generally accepted, there are still people that have criticized it. In particular, the design of the skateboard emoji was considered outdated by Tony Hawk. However, this was later corrected as Emojipedia teamed up with the legendary skateboarder to create a better design. Additionally, the influence of emoji on language has been extensively discussed, which further highlights the importance of Emojipedia.

4. World Emoji Day

This day was initiated by Emojipedia. This day occurs every year on 17th July. Many believe that this date was chosen to coincide with the Apple calendar emoji face. A year after the commencement of the annual World Emoji Day, Emojipedia used the day to rollout emoji democracy. Since then, this event has occurred each year. Every year, new emojis are presented to the public. Additionally, the winner of the best emoji design is announced each year.

5. Emojipedia and Unicode Consortium

Emojipedia is amongst the platforms with a vote on the Unicode Consortium. The Unicode Consortium is a non-profit platform that manages Unicode Standards. It was developed to replace the character encoding system due to its limitation in scope and size. This limitation makes it incompatible with many other platforms. Over the years, the influence of Emojipedia has significantly improved the activities of the Unicode Consortium. Emojipedia, along with several household tech giants, all contribute to the decision making process at the consortium.

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